Jezel’s Restaurant Romp

Jezel was the most desired woman in the office. She was hot and beautiful, but she was also married. That didn’t stop her from having fun, though.

Common Kinky Fetishes and What They Mean

The term “fetishism” originates from the Portuguese word feitico, which means “obsessive fascination.” Here are a few of the most common fetishes among adults today.

If You Really Enjoy Getting Kinky in Public …

For some, unremarkable spots – a chipped and faded doorway, a quiet graveyard, or a deep alley by the railway tracks – are just part of the urban landscape. Others see something else entirely.

Is Ethical Porn Really Ethical?

Is ethical porn really ethical?

The porn industry seeing an influx of women producers, directors, and videographers. Most of them are intent on producing porn for women. Are they making a difference?

Is Porn Really Bad for Your Relationship?

Lamu is a small county on an island 200 miles northeast of Mombasa, in Kenya. The town is among the oldest Swahili settlements along the coast of East Africa. It is also among the most controversial. Some 60 percent of marriages in the town end in divorce. That’s a remarkably high percentage, given that Lamu’s […]

Skin Hunger

Every single man I’d dated since the divorce had done nothing for me. Until I met my new neighbors.

Lost Time

Nineteen days! God, how I’d missed him. Especially at night! I’d become so used to his warmth next to me that l found sleeping difficult without him. I’d lain awake for countless hours regretting my decision not to join him. Again and again, I’d relived our closeness — the way he’d kiss my cheek so softly; […]